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Our Mission: Conscious Beings Not Machines


Our mission with Le DÉO started during the worldwide shutdown caused by…well, many things. Mainly an over-reliance on a machine that has told us what to think, what to consume and consequently how to live. “Just be part of the machine” is the message. But Conscious Beings cannot live algorithmically as it is perilous to our world and health. This worldwide shutdown caused us as founders to realise that health and happiness can be taken away at any moment and not to take it for granted. 

The writer of this piece is one half of the founders: Kaz. The other being my best friend from childhood: Omeed. Both of us had come to a point in our lives where breaking free was the only thing we hadn’t done. Breaking free from our white collar jobs and the expectations of family; breaking free of the forced narratives to our lives; and eventually starting something we can be proud of and willing to put all our time and energy towards.



I have long been experimenting with Nature, with-in and with-out. A realisation naturally forms if you seek long enough: Nature itself is the highest form to aspire towards. Nature is Conscious and Real. The best food you can eat is the less processed and natural option. The best products for your body come from the Earth. It seems obvious when you look at it like that but if you can’t connect the dots then you will be lost and others will use your lack of direction against you, for their profit.

I had spent most of my life using the common store-bought anti-perspirants/deodorants that most people would buy from the major chains. I hadn’t realised that by blocking my pores, with the harmful ingredients found in these products, it would make me sweat even more. I couldn’t connect the dots. I had spent a lot of my life self-conscious about sweating too much and the associated odour. It is only in retrospect I realise how much it affected my confidence to have to constantly be wary of embarrassing situations - whether that was school, dating or a job interview.

Eventually, as all seekers do, I found something incredible… I found natural deodorants! I tried using then making them all: the roll-ons, the pit creams and all different variations on these natural deodorants. Many didn’t work, some were a bit extreme; I wanted only what I felt was best and necessary. I was wary of product makers that complicate their formula just to stand out for extra features or for profit and hard to produce. The simplest things are often the best. With this, we did a lot of research and we decided to add only the ingredients that were natural, organic, sourced locally and people have had a long history using. Ultimately, through trial and error, Le DÉO was born.



Now, no more worries when it comes to bad body odour. No more worries about sweating too much. My sweat no longer drips like a tap and has self-regulated to just a normal output. Sweat isn’t the enemy, it is a bodily function and process that is necessary - like all natural things. Now, Le DÉO products are sold online to hundreds of subscribers and sold in over 100 stores and counting across Australia - all independently with myself and Omeed at the helm. It is still early days and we are still finding our Tribe of Conscious Beings. We are seeing more and more people waking up from their formulaic slumber and harmful habits. 

If you support this message and mission, please support Le DÉO. You vote with your energy, letting your Being realise your direction and the world to manifest the best for the greatest good. Take care of yourself by living Naturally and we will strive in this mission together, Consciously.