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We got the tester in the mail , which was amazing for my 13 year old boy who has the worse BO ever , this was the only deodorant that stop him from smelling so bad and he smell amazing with your deodorant, so we brought some and now it’s leaving a massive red rash 🤦‍♀️

Great product

Natural product that actually works! Leaves a little white residue sometimes but totally worth it. And the smell is lovely too.

Natural Deodorant + Body Odour Blocker

Love Le Déo deoderant. I recommend trying it for sure.

Unfortunately gave me a rash on my skin

Hi Mandy,

We appreciate your support and we will email you directly to assist you in detail. Your reaction may be a sign of being sensitive to Bi-Carb soda. Many natural deodorants carry this ingredient and also provide a Bi-Carb Free version (us too!) because there are people who will react to Bi-Carb soda - a powerful ingredient that stops bad body odour. Our deodorants must also be applied after showering and drying - and not just applied throughout the day as store-bought deodorants work - and only requires a thin layer. If you're amenable to trying our Bi-Carb free variant out, we'd love to send it to you on us! We hope we've helped.

Luna (BYOB)
Adrian Barbaro
Luna and Soula Body Wash

Hands down, best natural body wash on the market today. Don’t miss out.

Natural Body Wash
Elisa Mcmahon
Must try!

I purchased both body washes which are both sulfate-free which I love. Both scents are absolutely devine! A nice subtle scent stays on me even after rinsing!


My new go to deodorant! I use to perviously use Axilla, but it would never last the full day for me. Using Le Deo I don't have to about body odour all day long!


The best natural deodorant! Lasts all day no matter what, great piece of mind! Will be switching to this brand from now on!

Natural Body Wash
Alyssa Mahoney
Love it!

I bought the Luna variant nighttime body wash and I absolutely love the lavender tobacco fragrance. I will definitely purchase again!

Natural Body Wash
Issac Donovan

Amazing! Lathers and washes very nicely! Smells absolutely wonderful!


I love this product! I typically smell by the end of the day but with this I don't. Great relief!

Natural Body Wash
Irene Frost
Love it!

The smell is amazing, lavender tobacco scent and love the non harmful premium ingredients!

Natural Body Wash
Carly Davies

Luxurious spa quality body wash. Smells amazing, lathers and rinses well!

Great product!

10/10 product! Does exactly what it says. Powerful effective odour blocker. Definitely subscribing on my next order.

Natural Body Wash
Maureen McCoy
Luxurious feeling!

Such a beautiful natural body wash! Can't say enough good things about this product. Lathers nicely, rinses clean and smells amazing! My shower experience has definitely elevated.


I haven't had good experiences with natural deodorants in past but decided to give this one a go. I was amazed with how well and effective it was. Lovely refreshing scent and it doesn’t irritate my skin at all. Obsessed, great product!

Definitely recommend!

This deodorant really works! Lovely refreshing scent, not overwhelming which is good. It feels nice on your skin with no irritation. Definitely recommend!

Luxury natural body wash

I tried both body washes. They both lather so well makes me feel very fresh and clean after using. They both smell so luxurious. I really look forward to my showers.

Natural Body Wash
Courtney Reyes

I love the scent of this body wash. I bought the Soula variant lovely morning bliss refreshing scent it has. Doesn't dry out my skin which is great too! Definitely will be trying the other variant.

The Best!

Love this natural deodorant! Smells refreshing and last all day with just one application unlike the others where you have to keep applying.

Natural Body Wash
Nicole Mayfair
Love it - highly recommend

Absolutely loved everything about this natural body wash. Incredible scent ! Left me feeling super clean and didn't dry out my skin.

Highly effective.

Best natural deodorant I've used! I love the refreshing sent and its effectiveness.

Great armpit detox mask!

If you want fresh, clean smooth pits then I highly recommend using this product! The mask has a lovely lavender scent, applies easy and washes off nicely.


The only natural deodorant that I find that actually works, lasts and smells great.