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Perspiring is a bodily function directly linked to your internal temperature regulation. When your body gets too warm, your brain then sends automatic impulses to your glands, causing them to secrete perspiration. The thin layer of fluid (sweat) produced on your skin will then evaporate, which extracts heat from your body, causing your body to cool down. Additionally, perspiring ensures that toxins are eliminated from your body.
Fortunately, not all perspiration means you will smell. You’ve got sweat glands (eccrine glands) all over your body, and during the course of puberty you get an extra set of glands - apocrine glands. Apocrine glands are formed specifically in your armpits and groin area. When you perspire, both the eccrine and the apocrine glands secrete odourless fluids. Although, bacteria change the fluids which are secreted from the apocrine glands into butyric acid. As such, butyric acids are the cause for the characteristically ‘smelly sweat’.
Perspiration doesn’t just happen for no reason; your body is essentially regulating its temperature. Consequently, the easiest way to reduce the amount you perspire is to ensure you don’t get too hot. Nevertheless, if it’s a hot day, you have an advancing stressful conversation or you’re exercising intensely, your body will make certain that you cool off causing perspiration. The following tips below may assist to minimise the amount of perspiration:
Clothing – One of the most vital things to evaluate is the kind of clothing material you wear. Some fabrics don’t permit for sufficient airflow, ultimately generating more heat for your body to hold on to. Furthermore, the kind of material of your clothes also affects the smell of your perspiration. With this in mind, bacteria thrive the most in polyester material. Given, these bacteria are the cause of your bodily odours, you may want to re-consider wearing wear polyester as little as possible. Alternatively, consider wearing 100% cotton (or bamboo) clothing, given bacteria don’t flourish in these fabrics materials as much. A tip from the pros; wear either black or white clothes on especially stressful days – your sweaty patches aren’t as noticeable on these particular colours!
Stress – Another major cause of perspiration is stress. Stress hormones communicate to your body to start working harder. In effect, heating up your body, meaning you will start to perspire to cool off. For that reason, attempt to stay as relaxed as possible and exercise regularly. Another tip from the pro; regular exercise helps your body to decrease the production of the level of stress hormones.
Coffee – Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, in effect controls your sweat glands. Additionally, a hot drink will cause your body to heat up, resulting in your body to start sweating to cool down again. If you're an individual who perspires a considerable amount, you may want to contemplate reducing the level of your caffeine intake!
Hot spices – Just like with caffeine, hot spices direct neurotransmitters to the brain. This is a result of the capsaicin contained in the spices, causing the brain to believe the body is overheating. And of course, the rational response of the body is to being sweating. Watch out with spicy foods!
An antiperspirant blocks the exits of the sweat glands long-term, and therefore, prevents the production of sweat. On the other hand, a deodorant doesn’t prevent sweating; as such deals with the bacteria on the skin by disguising the smell. A typical deodorant generally contains alcohol and fragrances to disguise the smell. More often than not, people confuse deodorant and antiperspirant, accordingly, in order to know exactly what you are using on your body; ensure you read the list of ingredients. In the event the list refers to ingredients containing ‘aluminium, potassium alum, alum or zirconium’, you are dealing with an antiperspirant.
As stated, antiperspirants block your pores – they have an astringent effect on the skin pores in your armpits consequently closing off these pores, resulting in less perspiration than usual. The active ingredients in antiperspirants being aluminium salts react with the electrolytes in your perspiration, in effect forms a gel-like ‘plug’ in your sweat glands. This plug blocks your pores and blocks your sweat gland from secreting fluids. For that reason, when applying an adequate amount of antiperspirant, the majority of your sweat glands will not be secreting sweat onto your skin. As a result, this interferes with your body’s internal temperature regulation, in addition impedes the release of toxins from your body.
Deodorants disguise the smell. An antiperspirant will never completely stop your sweat glands from secreting all fluids, resulting in your body producing a sweaty smell when the bacteria convert the fluids from the apocrine glands into butyric acid. This characteristically ‘sweaty smell’ is masked by the alcohol and fragrances in the deodorant. Frequently, resulting in body odour that is a combination of sweat and fragrances from your deodorant.
At Le DÉO we believe this approach is irrational and obsolete. Le DÉO thinks, does and execute things in a different manner. We believe the best approach is to combat the bacteria directly responsible for the smelly sweat. Le DÉO No1 Original 100% Natural Deo prevents the growth of bacteria long-term, and no bacteria, means no smell. Easy. Moreover, we believe that you should not be blocking your body’s secretion of toxins. This approach, allows the release of toxins from your body! Le DÉO, does not close off your pores, but impedes the smell of your perspiration occurring in the first place. Win, win!
Before we begin, we would like to tell you what is not in Le DÉO. Le DÉO has no aluminium, no parabens and no annoying salts. Nor does it contain any animal-derived ingredients therefore, Le DÉO is 100% Vegan! Anything devired from the petrochemical industry? Simply, not welcome. Nor do we carter for propellants, alcohol and colourings.
With this in mind, we only tolerate 100% honest guilt-free ingredients. However, those ingredients ensure that Le DÉO is the most powerful natural deodorant in the Australia.
So, what is in Le DÉO? Le DÉO only has 5 ingredients. The combination of our blend naturally suppresses the smell of perspiration, in the absence of blocking the pores or causing skin irritation. In addition, we use certified organic natural ingredients such as coconut oil and Australian Made beeswax. Do you want to know the exact Le DÉO ingredients, click here.
What makes Le DÉO unique? Le DÉO is a 100% natural deoordant that puts a stop to the smell of the odour perspiration completely. With Le DÉO, the opportunity of smelly sweat does not arise, because the bacteria, responsible for the smell, are repressed naturally. In an antiperspirant the active component being aluminium closes off the pores, and with the blend of fragrances, the smell is disguised, as opposed to being prevented.
Le DÉO is long-lasting, with even just one application – Since Le DÉO is unlike other regular deodorants and therefore works for longer, meaning you need a lot less of it. The combination of natural ingredients structurally diminishes the bacteria population, in effect causing the smell of perspiration not to arise. As a result, the joy of not having to use deodorant on a regular basis, also has the important advantage in that providing greater benefits for your skin since it is left more at ease.
Le DÉO is applied directly on your skin - Rubbed on rather than rolled or sprayed. The paste conveys the powerful components to the right spot and keeps them in place. Not only does the paste assure its effectiveness, it is also especially gentle on your skin without the cause of any irritations. Given, Le DÉO does not dissolve in water, feel free to shower, work-out or do whatever you want, without minimising its effectiveness.
Le DÉO contains a proprietary blend of 100% natural essential oils, with a soft gender-neutral smell lemongrass being at the forefront – This non overpowering essence, allows you to smell like yourself. Le DÉO contains no perfume, this way the choice is yours whether you want to smell of nothing, or of your favourite perfume or aftershave! As some people need some time adjust to this, particularly if you’re accustom to consistently smelling of your regular deodorant spray...
Le DÉO does not leave any stains on your clothes – containing no ingredients that discolour your clothes and make them unwearable. Say goodbye to shirts with yellow armpits stains! Another added bonus; Le DÉO is actually saving you money!
Yes, Le DÉO works for everybody. Everyone perspires and generates some kind of perspiration smell from puberty.
Due to Le DÉO containing no salts, there is no collection of these salts in your clothes bringing about no discolouration ultimately safe-guarding your shirts.
Le DÉO is a paste with an organic coconut oil base, similar to waterproof suntan lotion. Due to Le DÉO not dissolving in water, you can shower, exercise or do whatever you want, without reducing its effectiveness
If you are typically accustomed to traditional deodorants or antiperspirants, your body has become familiar on how they work and applied. Le DÉO works differently. With this in mind you may need some time to adjust. With our tips & tricks below, you will swiftly understand how is Le DÉO is not only a carefree deodorant, but also gentle and extremely effective
Our 50g jar typically lasts an average of 4 to 6 weeks. This is due to Le DÉO being super concentrated. All you need is a little bit each time! Wash your armpits with soap, dry them well and rub about a pea-size of Le DÉO in each armpit. However, remember, don’t put apply too much!
Everyone has their own frequency for application, therefore requires an element of trial and error. For example, you can begin applying every day and then adjust accordingly for how long it works for you!
Le DÉO neutralises the bacteria accountable for the smell of your perspiration. Le DÉO does not mask the smell, it impedes it. The armpit areas of your clothes should be thoroughly washed first to ensure your fresh and odourless beginnings with Le DÉO!
Perspiring is vital for your body. Hence, Le DÉO does not contain salts, resulting in your sweat glands being blocked. Regular deodorants accommodate for aluminium salts constantly leading to your body’s perspiration function to be disrupted with your body storing surplus amounts of toxins. Behold – Le DÉO, fixes this issue for you in a natural manner. Initially it may escalate your perspiration, in terms of sweat and smell, but only for a short time. This ‘detox’ effect ceases once you begin using Le DÉO for a pro-longed period of time. If you’re obscurely undecided on this concept, begin using Le DÉO on the weekend, to ensure your testing it in the comfort of your own safe capacity, and figure out how Le DÉO work best for you
Everybody is unique and different. Everyone has their own frequency for application; therefore, an element of trial and error is required. For example, you can begin applying every day and then adjust accordingly for how long it works for you!
Le DÉO is sold online and shipped worldwide. So, whether you live in New Zealand or Europe, we will ensure it arrives at your designated location.
We ship world-wide with some countries being delivered faster than others; depending on your location. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday around 4 pm, our products are shipped. Once shipped, the expected times of arrival are: Australia 1 day New Zealand 1 to 2 weeks Rest of the world 2 to 3 weeks Please note, these are estimated delivery times and actual delivery times may vary. Should you feel like your order is taking a little too long, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at info@ledeo.com.au.
Le DÉO does not test on animals at all and cruelty free. We only experiment on smelly, complying individuals.
Just like any other lotion or a cream; Le DÉO is best applied using your fingers. Following applying Le DÉO for the first time, you’ll thank yourself and discover your armpits are a considerable cleaner. At Le DÉO, are consider it’s essential to connect and remained connect with your body. Indviduals with longer nails, we suggest the following solutions provided by our customers: 1.Apply using the back of your nail to steer clear of Le DEO ending up under your nail. 2. Apply using the back of a teaspoon as an application tool! You’ll be surprised as it works like a charm!
Le DÉO is 100% handmade and packaged in Perth, Western Australia.
Le DÉO is exceptionally resistant against bacterial growth. For that reason, in a conservative manner, we say it will last for 12 months prior to opening, and 6 months following opening Le DÉO. Each jar is formulated to last about a month for the majority of people – Le DÉO puts time in your hands!
If you’re interested in selling Le DÉO or representing us, please contact us on info@ledeo.com.au.
We love spirit of enquiry – and we love your questions! We’re aim to be as transparent as possible upholding our values and integrity. Please feel free to drop us a line if you have more questions!


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